Welcome to the Newcastle Undead Society. We run all things Zombie in this town.

That’s a wrap for 2014. See you next year Zombies!

2PM - 5PM

Paint the town red with Zombies at the Museum. An afternoon of gross and gore filled activities for everyone! Face painting, dress ups, gore boxes, fresh brains (snacks and drinks) will be on offer. Get yourself covered in blood to participate in the march

5pm – 6pm

Then at 5pm The March will begin at The Museum in the yard. Please feel free to come along and participate, watch, take photos. If you don’t know how to make yourself look like a Zombie come to The Museum early and they’ll help you get in the mood. Also free and open to all ages. We will then marching, dragging, groaning our way over to Tower Cinemas on King St where you will be scared out of your brains from the finalist short film screening.

6pm – 8pm

Scream Screen finalist screening at Tower Cinemas, King St. The finalist from the Zombie themed short film competition will be shown. It’s $5 to come to the screening and suitable for your older Zombie. Tickets will be sold over the whole day or you can put some on hold now.

Remember, Zombies were people too!